Terry Minchow-Proffitt

Now available:

I’m so glad to announce that my first full collection of poems, Chicken Train: Poems from the Arkansas Delta, is now available through Amazon. My hope is big. I want these poems to speak in a wholehearted way to where you live, whether you’re from the Arkansas Delta or Timbuktu. I’ve never actually met anyone from Timbuktu. But if a Timbuktuan were to climb aboard the Chicken Train, I’m praying that the wild ride would carry him or her around the bend and more deeply into the human mystery with honesty and grace. These poems clearly stem from the Arkansas Delta, but I’ve sought to root them deeper still, in a place perhaps more figurative than literal, but nonetheless real—that universal place of longing and belonging we all yearn for called home.


Praise for Chicken Train

"Each poem is part of a greater story, a string of memories, images, and people, but mainly a strong and stirring collection 0f places—places on the map, places in the mind, places in the lost and mysterious thing we call the past, places from which we couldn’t wait to leave, and places to which we only wish we could return. Read these poems as you would signs along the highway, some quickly, some slowly, it doesn’t matter. Each one will spark your imagination or wake a forgotten memory, and suggest a direction, backward or forward, but always toward a destiny, a destination . . . a place you will recognize."

-Steve Cash, Ozark Mountain Daredevils


"I am so grateful for your work, for this work. And it is indeed an honor to be included by the use of our lyrics. Every region of the planet has its mystery, it darkness, and its light. And every place, especially a place like the Arkansas Delta, needs its voice, its champion, and its guide. Now, for me, when I think of who I am, and where I come from, that voice will be yours."

-from the Foreword by John Dillon, Ozark Mountain Daredevils