sweetiebetter (2019)

My most recent collection of poetry, Sweetiebetter moves through three acts exploring the eclipses of our lives: he moments that linger in our memory, the people that phase in and out of our world, and the places that cause us to pause every time.

chicken train (2016)

My hope is big for this first full collection of poems, Chicken Train: Poems from the Arkansas Delta. I want these poems to speak in a wholehearted way to where you live, whether you’re from the Arkansas Delta or Timbuktu. These poems clearly stem from the Arkansas Delta, but I’ve sought to root them deeper still, in a place perhaps more figurative than literal, but nonetheless real—that universal place of longing and belonging we all yearn for called home.

Seven Last Words (2015)

My first chapbook, Seven Last Words, published by Middle Island Press, features captivating art by Emily Mitchell, a foreword by poet Matthew Lippman, an afterword by author and theologian Belden Lane, and an in-depth interview with Mud Season Review.